Portfolio Baggage

A typical designer’s portfolio will hold work that’s been done in the past. While the current you is elsewhere, your portfolio will always lag behind. Yet, it’s what most employers want to see when hiring designers and artists.

Then there’s the internal guilt we feel when we know our portfolio is not nearly where we ideally want it to be. 

So we face the paths of:

  • Doing the notorious portfolio rehaul whenever we make a pivot in our careers
  • Choosing to make regular visits so that it’s not months or years behind, but days behind.
  • But either of these choices will still speak to a past self and will only represent a one-dimensional side of you.

    What’s more valuable is knowing who you are and what you stand for as a creative.

    We can spend days fixing the nitty gritty aesthetic bits of a website that we’ll share around for a while, but the real work is in the person herself who exists separately from her website.

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