Do This If You’re Struggling

When moving too fast, it’s tremendously helpful to hit rewind. Not in the sense where you undo all your work, but to revisit your initial sentiments, aspirations, and expectations because doing that holds the value in what you really want. 

Answer the two questions: 

  • What am I struggling with the most at this point? 
  • What would help me the most at this point?
  • If your struggles aren’t congruent with your goals and expectations (why are you doing this?), then it’s worth a re-evaluation.

    Where’s the Real Food?

    You sit down, and order something from the menu. Moments later, your dish comes to the table, and there it is: a steaming hot package of Nongshim instant noodles delivered at a price well above its worth. 

    This post isn’t really about food, but about being more deliberate on how we provide value.  

    If we ask the question: How does this make you feel? 

    The answer should not be riddled with facts and reasoning, supported by external stories, because that stuff doesn’t relate to the question asker—junk. 

    The question is, how does this make you feel

    The question wants your emotional response. It asks for words, adjectives, and phrases to describe your present state, because it’s interested in learning about your emotional perception and reaction. 

    The answer could be: it makes me feel humbled, knowing that I’m able to help you out in a moment where you need me. I’m aware that it can be pretty stressful to be uncertain of your next steps but I’m confident in my abilities to lend a hand to a friend.

    If you really listen to the person you’re talking to, you’ll be able to deliver more value.

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