Can We Pretend That We’re In School?

A line that one of my thesis professors drops from time to time before class starts. 

In a time where students across all grades and ages are sitting in classrooms, we’re getting an abundant amount of students who lack the ability to connect course material to their own personal connection—their entire reason as to why they are learning in the first place. 

Can we pretend that we are in school is a line that reveals a lot more than what it seems. 

School is an environment built and intended for students to learn within. In it, we lost the meaning of what it meant to learn. Where students are expected to follow strict course guidelines, rules, assignments, grading rubrics. It’s almost anything but learning, because we’re all only following what the rules tells us. 

Sharing The Buns

From Chinatown. They come in a bag of 5, they’re cheap, and sharable.

With something so simple yet lovable, it’s easy to pass around the table and share with your peers. Especially when your peers already embrace them with open arms. 

Show Your Thank Yous

There are so many ways to say thank you.  

 Examples are as follows:  

 “I appreciate all that you do”,

“You are amazing”, 

 “Your story moved me”, 

 “I’m going to do this differently because of you”. 

 Always show your thank yous, as gratitude will never go out of style.

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