From Amateur to Professional

The difference between an amateur and professional is that one does the craft for fun and explores what is cool, while the other one deeply cares and delivers every day. 

The road from amateur to professional requires us to do the required work especially when we don’t want to. 


Fear Of Missing Out. Fear is a driver. If everybody else is doing it, you too would like a piece of the action. 

A committed group of people can exert this fear onto a lagging member. This is why it can feel much easier to do things in groups. 

Ironically when we’re committing to things to do on our own, FOMO can also take form as: Am I on the right path? 

Does It Matter?

Does it matter how many people like your post after sharing? Or how many followers you have? Or whether or not others will like your picture on Instagram?

And the better question being: are likes, follows, and others’ non-actions a major part of what you showed up to do?

While internet clout can keep some of us moving along, it’s out of our own control. Oftentimes, it’s not even a part of what matters.

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