Go For Your First Ask!

Asking for help can be one of the most daunting, awkward, painful things to do when you aren’t used to doing it. 

In doing so, asking for help, taking the risk, we can launch in forward motion. 

The Ask is what you’re looking for when you’re trying to find answers to your project. 

It can be structured like this: I need help on forming a proper web flow for my portfolio website. Do you think you would be able to quickly run over how you did yours? 

The world is full of resources, generosity, and kindness. All we have to do is get over our first Ask to know that we don’t have to execute our ambitious projects on our own. 

How Much Do You Want to Be Heard?

Having a small voice mean you can choose to be heard or not. We have choice over how much we want to be exposed and heard, because of the many platforms on the internet. 

By amplifying our volume, we can produce and distribute content en masse. Podcasts, blogs, videos, poems, classes, events, networking, products, a movement, post-it-notes. 

Our presence depends on how many places we leave pieces of ourselves. 

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