Sharing The Buns

From Chinatown. They come in a bag of 5, they’re cheap, and sharable.

With something so simple yet lovable, it’s easy to pass around the table and share with your peers. Especially when your peers already embrace them with open arms. 

Show Your Thank Yous

There are so many ways to say thank you.  

 Examples are as follows:  

 “I appreciate all that you do”,

“You are amazing”, 

 “Your story moved me”, 

 “I’m going to do this differently because of you”. 

 Always show your thank yous, as gratitude will never go out of style.

Work In Progress

When the nature of our work is always changing, the only work we ever do is progress work. 

Now that it’s written, there is no excuse to not show up, embarrassed from what your peers might way. 

If we aim for progression, the paralyzing nature of doneness becomes less intimidating.

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