You Don’t Have To Fake It Till You Make It

In a world so digitally connected, we are putting all our time and effort into more LinkedIn connections, Instagram followers, TikTok likes—you get the gist. 

The more time we put into our digital “worth”, the less time we spend being human. 

We can send each other memes all we want, but in times of personal need and turmoil, who can you turn to? 

If you’re struggling to find your answer, it may be time to invest more effort into being more human. 

Connect with others (who are like you) on a ground level, where you can see each others concerns, ambitions, and dreams. We need to find our support in places we don’t frequent. 

If this were easy, everybody would be doing it. The truth is that it’s hard. It’s hard to develop empathy to connect with other human beings. It’s hard to open up ourselves to potential scrutiny and humility; being vulnerable is not easy. 

But once you find your support, once you find others who are willing and empathetic enough to share who they are with you, you’ve got something special. 

The Difference Between Yesterday and Today

What’s the difference between yesterday and today? Most of the time, the answer is not much.

And, if we choose to answer with not much on a daily basis, we won’t get very far. 

Every day we get the chance to do something different, something that can be new to us and change our lives. It’s a fresh start every time, and today we can choose to do something we love and care about. 

What’s your difference between yesterday and today? 

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