Tell Me About You

Have you really arrived if they don’t know who you are? 

Frankly put, the answer is no. They won’t know who you are if you aren’t able to talk about yourself. yikes!!

So who are you? What do you do? And how do you do it? 

Why do you do what you do? What do you believe in?

What is your end goal? How can we help and join you?

If you can talk about your answers in a succinct and passionate way, then that means you can pitch yourself and that you’ve arrived. 

Young, Restless, and Burnt Out: You Are Human Too

If there was one thing I would want to say to my fellow colleagues and friends, it would be this: Please, be a friend to yourself. 

There’s nothing more uninspiring than a burnt out mind. 

If you’re feeling overloaded, overwhelmed, overworked, please take a break—nobody is telling you that you aren’t allowed to. 

That, and your tears are a clear sign of distress. 

This is not what it means to be alive.

Yes, it’s the season of finals, a lack of sun, and client deadlines. 

But, your projects, assignments, reports, papers, and judgement from others can wait (especially the latter). 

This is your time to be humane to yourself as a person. 

We are not designed to be machines, so do not be discouraged if you can’t churn out 3 written reports, memorize 6 powerpoints, single-handedly code a functional app, and be a guru in tech by the end of next week. 

We are human, so treat yourself like one. 

Know that this moment does not define the remainder of your life; 

this moment will not define the remainder of your life. 

Please, be a friend to yourself.

The Difference Between Today and Tomorrow

A few days ago I wrote about the difference between yesterday and today. 

That the relationship between yesterday and today was that our life is about the decisions we choose to take, and how history tends to repeat itself; If we tend to repeat our decisions, we won’t get very far. 

The difference between today and tomorrow is that we get chance. Today is our chance to do something we’re passionate about, and tomorrow is our chance to continue doing it. Tomorrow is about possibility and imagination—serious imagination; tomorrow is about seeing the world through a beginner’s lens again. 

Whenever we start something new, we take chances and we make assumptions about what could happen. We let our past experiences hang up in the air and we bring to life the what would happen ifs. 

Let your today be a choice to start something you care about, because tomorrow you’ll get to grow it further, and the next day, and the next. 

The difference between today and tomorrow is not much, but it gives us the choice of possibility. 

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