You Are

Not your work, 

Not your design, 

Not your performance metrics, 

Not your report card, 

Not your rejection letters, 

Not your financial worth,

Not the names your friends or family call you, 

Not what others say about you.

Letting others pick who you get to be will lead you to unhappiness.

The work, the design, the performance metrics, the report card, the rejection letters, the number in the bank, the names, and the rumours are things that get to be associated with you, but are not representative of what matters.

Why Daily Matters

Daily is a practice that forces us to do stuff. On days where we don’t want to do anything, Daily holds us accountable for what we aspire to do. 

It’s A Drip Process

Some of us can produce work in explosive, all-at-once amounts. Unfortunately most of us don’t have this tremendous, rare talent. 

The alternative is to produce in smaller quantities. A process at a slower pace, with more consistency, and is do-able on a daily basis, drip by drip.  

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