Hidden People

This one is about the shy leaders—the ones who know how things could be better, how things could shift around, and how the ones around them could be led towards more generosity and care. They have an idea about how they can go about all this stuff, but shy away from giving it a voice. 

If they had given their thoughts a voice, would the world around them be a better place? 

As A Species

One of the great things about being human is that we have to rely on each other to succeed. There’s more benefit working as a team and leaning into one another for help as opposed to locking yourself out.

From paper making and farming, to riding the Toronto Transit Commission or running a non-profit—we’re never doing it alone. 

The reliance we have on each other, even in the big cities—especially in the big cities—is not appreciated enough. 

You wouldn’t have been able to get to the other end of the city if it weren’t for your Uber driver picking up you on time, in her car. 

You wouldn’t have been able to get all your marketing collateral printed if it weren’t for your printing office that has exceptionally good service. 

The list goes on and on. 

People make the world run as it is. 

As a species, we rely on each other to do the thing we are each great at doing.

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