Chasm of Authority and People

Growing up, my parents did all the talking when it came to conversation with adults. 

This made me, the extremely shy and reserved child, unable to bring herself to talk with anybody significantly older than I was.

Now, when it comes to speaking with bosses, teachers, people who are much older and wiser, there comes a moment of distance. 

The difference between treating others as equals, versus treating others as if they already were holding a domineering arm above my shoulder is a chasm many struggle with. 

But I’d like to think any change would start with ourselves, and going out of our way to talk with those we tend to be uncomfortable around is the first step to crossing the chasm.

We Think, We Do, But More Importantly, We Take Small Steps

As quiet creatives, we tend to keep to ourselves. We tend to stay introspective, and to keep things fermenting in our own heads. 

We keep from voicing aloud our ideas because we’re afraid of what others might think; We’re worried others will shoot our darlings down, and judge our character for what we think. 

And, that is the single worst thing you could say to yourself. 

We’re uncomfortable with ourselves and our own ideas, and that is holding us back.

The truth is, we benefit our thinking by doing, and vice versa. 

We inform our thinking further, by doing. 

If you haven’t already, grab a friend and tell them your craziest ideas. 

Break your cycle of keeping to yourself. 

Grow outwards and inform your ideas by doing them.

Bring Something Sweet to the Table

No, not desserts unfortunately. 

Bring something sweet to the table as in being able to offer value to somebody else. 

To break it down, our world is composed of exchanges in value. 

No, not money. 

More like, words of encouragement, quality time spent, cooking a hearty meal, or lending an ear.

Our friends, family, colleagues, and peers like us more when we provide them value. And when we have something sweet that we can give away without giving away ourselves, they come to love us. 

Bringing something sweet to the table means to deliver something that others care about and will appreciate. 

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