Small Wins and Perspective

This morning I got out of bed just in time to get to work without being late. That’s a win. 

I had soap and clean water to wash my hands. Could not get better than this.

The car ride was smooth and was able to get me from point A to point B in one piece.

The refrigerators were working, the ice maker was making ice, and everybody was able to get the food they wanted.

10 hours later and my legs are still able to keep me going.

It’s a privilege to write and post this on the internet as I end my day and go to bed.

I’m celebrating the micro-wins even though there seems to be greater problems as the days go by.

When perspective counts, and it always does, it’s worth it to see why things might work out when you feel like you’re against all odds.

Any Questions?

It’s okay to ask questions (especially the stupid ones), it’s okay to not have the answers.

When I worked in a local cake café, my coworkers and I would trouble shoot with each other often when our manager wasn’t around. The truth was that we were all new hires and none of us fully knew the ins and outs of baking the store’s specialty cakes. 

What happens when you drop an egg yolk in a bowl of egg whites?

What do we do if the milk oversteams?

My egg mixture is clumpy. What’s happening?

I did step 7 of the recipe before realizing I skipped step 5, is this okay?

By asking someone else to see if they can fill in the blanks for us, our job becomes a lot easier.

Being able to ask basic questions is allowed, and is even considered healthy.

So rather than sitting in fear of being wrong, we can admit that we’re unsure and ask someone else who might know better.

En Masse

It’s easy to follow what everyone else is saying. 

If they say you have to go get a degree, you’re going to go get a degree. 

When we follow everyone else, everything is already said and thought out for you. There’s no need for further contemplation or questioning, it’s just how things are and all you need to do is follow. 

So much harder to go against the grain and say, “the degree isn’t for me,” because when you have to admit when you’re wrong, everybody already knows why it wasn’t going to work in the first place. 

And does it matter that everybody else thinks you’re wrong?

It shouldn’t, or at least it can’t if we’re looking to making a shift in the status quo. 

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