Everything Went As Planned

This is something that few people can say right now. 

We’re all facing a moment of turbulence, and we’ve all had to make pivots and tweaks to our lives. You’re not the only one.

In this moment when nothing is going as planned, the solution is to embrace it and move forward as a group—not to leave others behind, not to distance ourselves and create blame.

The question going forward is, how can we reconnect with each other and help do the work that is needed right now? 

As Advertised

What’s the difference between a teapot that pours tea all over the table versus a designer in the office who doesn’t care about their clients? 

They’re both lousy at what they do, because they only do bits of the job well. 

Beyond the actual designs a designer produces, they must also understand their client’s wants, be able to communicate, and be able to make their client feel listened to. 

A teapot must be functional, and the brewed tea must pour out into the cup without spilling everywhere else, because that would make it a lousy teapot rather than a good teapot.

Do what it is you set out to do, and do it well because the alternative will be subpar. 

Convocation Might Not Happen, And That’s Okay

Why is that? 

  • The obvious reason: the Coronavirus may still be in effect, prolonging our time of staying at home
  • The difference is in your head

  • Sure, one difference is having a certificate somewhere in your house to commemorate your years of learning inside an academic institution. 

    The other difference, one that’s arguably more important, is the difference that we can choose to make in our heads.

    Whether we graduate with a real ceremony (or not), we will still be the same person the day before and the day afterwards. Unless we make conscious efforts to actively grow, challenge, and commit to our craft, it doesn’t matter. 

    Graduation doesn’t change us—we change ourselves.

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