Dear Friend 3

You know what you want, you know what you have to do, you’ve just been cutting yourself short from the rest of the action, and we’re still figuring out why.

How come? 

You’re dying to get out there, but at the same time it seems like a lot is holding you back.

At the same time I think a lot of people go through this too. 

What I really want to say is that you’re not alone.

The Ever Changing Nature of Normal

After this moment of time, old normals would have transformed into something else. 

New routines, new behaviours, new methods of living. 

Normal is great, it keeps us grounded and feeling safe. Until the unexpected happens, we’re forced to face new realities that feel uncomfortable for a little while. 

And after the uncomfortable passes, it becomes our new normal.

Dear Friend 2

We didn’t know each other, yet we sat together for hours.

And after those hours, it was clear that kindness and imagination come as second nature to you. 

All your attributes pull together a great team (team being you and all your hallmark traits that you are composed of).

You’ve got curiosity and enthusiasm by your side, and a persistence that keeps on giving.

If more people knew your story, you’d be a hero—but that’s not how you roll which is okay. 

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