Taking Breaks

We’ve all heard it before. When you feel exhausted, go take a break. 

It’s rare to see somebody work away all their waking hours and be happy. 

For most of us, we need to time recollect our energy through a different form. 

So be kind to yourself, and take a break when you need to.

Thank You’s of Early 2020

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, and unknowing because there’s so much out of our control. 

But it’s also worth noticing that thousands of people across the nation are doing their best to alleviate the situation at hand. 

With that, there’s been a lot of people this year on LinkedIn I have to be grateful for. Maybe you will make a list too. 

Yona Lo, Mikayla Koo, Yoksna Paramanathan, Jaywhy Kim, Sam Chaya, Nadim Ismail, Jin Hong, Jessica Black, Victoria Gonzalez, Alexander Manu, Bernhard Dietz. Karena de Souza, Yannick Rothenbühler, Nash Escalada, Amy Chang, Nabeela Yasmeen Malik, Natalie Smith, Jason Cheng, Olaoluwakitan Oyenuga, Lya Bint-E-Aziz, Greg Choi, Salisa Jatuweerapong, Joyce Chang, Andy Peng, Alexandra Hong, Miles Collyer, Claire Wu, Mathisan Paramanathan, Samuel Elharrar, Jamie Bursey, Kelly Drennan, Jamie Miller Ph.D., Chris Do, Sven Slijkoord, Daan Grashoff, Jessica F. Shan, Amy U, Kelly Zhu, Caroline Ye, José Daniel Valdez, Sinead Bovell, Chris Ho, and you who are reading this.

There’s so many more to be included here, and I appreciate you all for sharing something of yourself with me. You didn’t have to, but you did anyways and that’s more than we could ask for. 

The Last Stretch

For many graduating students like myself, we’re really almost there. We were almost there before our classes moved online, and we’re much closer to the end than we were ever before. 

For some, we feel the internal dread of wanting to get what we’ve started over with. Perhaps we’ve exhausted ourselves by doing a project that we weren’t doing for ourselves. We let the project control us and drag us through the sands with critique and feedback leading the way ahead. 

For others, we see an upcoming space of relief, where we can finally say the word, voilà.

Then there’s the last group, one that sees restlessness of what comes after? We’ve been letting schoolwork be the distraction we’ve needed to stay comfortable but once it’s gone, it’s gone. What comes next? 

Thankfully if you’re in the last group, you’ve got time. There will be time opened up, time to connect, and time to be able to plan ahead.

Here’s to the last stretch!

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