Working for Whom?

Creating work for somebody else just to satisfy your ego makes for a fragile connection. What happens when they don’t like it? Do you throw a fit? Do you cut ties with your client? Hurt feelings and cancelled projects? 

Notoriety, prestige, titles, awards give the belief that you are trustworthy and reliable, but what does it mean to be an award-winning firm 5 years in a row? 

Doing the successful work for a client vs. doing successful work to win an award is a subtle difference that goes a long way. 

Good Mornings

Begin the day by acknowledging yourself. Look what surrounds you, and what’s there to be grateful for. Who you have to appreciate, and who you can forgive. 

Address the inner critic, the resistance, the genius, and the muse. Gather everybody in for a meeting and give them an agenda. By giving them an agenda, you expect them to show up, but only at certain moments of the day. 

What’s The Right Answer?

In a world where we have limitless access to information, it would seem like we would have all the correct answers everywhere and anywhere we go. 

How could we be any further from the truth? 

Just like our schooling systems, a simple knowledge-based test is not a signal that students understand a subject. 

More than just the facts, there’s a layer of something less tangible, harder to tame, and difficult to persuade—our worldview. 

Everybody has one, and everyone’s is different. It acts almost like a filter for all the incoming information we seek. 

Our worldviews get to decide whether or not something or someone is wrong. 

It’s more than just the facts. It’s also what people believe in. 

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