What Designers Do On the Bad Days

Even on our worst days, the designer will still design.

It might not be her best work, but she’ll be committed to the art of it.

And so she trudges along the bad day doing the best she can, mostly because she knows that a designer who stops designing is no longer a designer. 

The Big IDK

Young, recently-graduated, and naive, it’s okay to not have all the answers. Better to be curious, open, and honest than to pretend to be right.

Not having the answers is okay.

Being the least experienced in the room is okay.

We’re here to explore possibility and ask questions, not to be right. 

Questions to Ask While Building A Process

A few weeks ago, we hosted and celebrated the end of our very first Habit Factory run. Looking back at it we considered it a success in terms of results, and are now planning for our second one which starts within a week. These are the top 2 questions I’ll be asking myself throughout our current promoting phase: 

Can you do it again or was it just luck?

How could it be better than the last time?

I’m really looking forward to this process, because it allows us to know our service and ourselves better.

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