The Bar for Different

If we want different results, can we expect to get them through doing the same things we did yesterday?

Instead of raising the bar, would it be worth it to adjust the bar to where we are instead?

We can forget about what everybody else is doing if the bar we seek to set and achieve is our very own. 

If we’re tired from the self-doubt, if we’re tired of having to clean up after everybody else, if we’re tired from the lack of sales, if we’re tired from having to wait, then we can adjust.

The bar can be moved.

If we’re tired of seeing the same patterns over and over and over and over again, it’s time to change the bar for different.

Somebody Needs Your Voice More Than Ever

Because even in a world where we have all the tools we need to stay together and up to date, we still long for real human connection.

Fortunately, we have all the technology we need to create a version of that, safely and from the privilege of home.

Speaking of which, the first run of the Habit Factory cohort showed me what happens when we connect creative people who are willing to commit to themselves and their craft. 

When we share our thoughts, concerns, worries, doubts, and self-narratives, we suddenly see that we’re not the only ones going through our problems.

There’s support out there, as well as kindness.

If you’re ready to bridge connection with others, then your voice is needed because human connection is always in demand.

More than Meets the Eye

Because we only believe what’s to be possible by what we see, it’s worthwhile to go out of our own way once in a while to see more.

It’s like only knowing of red apples, when tons of yellow, green, pink and everything in between exists too.

The world runs on an endless number of paths, yet depending on the type of society or community or friends we choose to hang out with, we eliminate the number of possibilities of where to go down to just a few.

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