Hello My Name Is

More than just a job title, you’re human and have many capabilities. You’re allowed to be diverse and are entitled to being yourself rather than somebody you’re not. The sought-after UX Designer title is more than just a UX Designer. She might be a marathon runner, a home cook, an aunt to 2 kids, and a well-versed traveller who happens to write on Medium.

For us graduating and on the job hunt, it’s important that we don’t limit our capabilities to what potential employers want from us. On the flip side, we also don’t have to fully fulfill all requirements of what a job description says before applying.

You are you before your job title.

“I’ve Got Bad News”

Our impact bias wants us to think that we’re really going to screw things up if it’s not done perfectly, that our lives will be heavily impacted by one project’s failure. This is the point where so many stop to think that if it won’t be perfect, it’s not worth doing. 

We overestimate the downsides and constantly give it power to shift our minds into thinking “It won’t be the right time for it”, “There’s a big chance it might not work”, and “Nobody would want to see it”. 

The reality is that we don’t know what might work yet, and we feel insecure when failure hangs around us. There’s no better way around this other than going out of your way to prove yourself wrong and ignore the resistance.

One Reason Why Your Work Can’t Speak for Itself

So you’ve made a piece of work and it’s ready to be shown to the world. Because you put so much hard work into it, you want it to be fully appreciated by the people you made it for. Not only do we have to share what we’ve made, but we also have to accompany it with its counterpart: presentation. 

Making work but not giving it a proper presentation is like baking a birthday cake for your mom but not singing happy birthday.

It’s like cooking a 5 star meal for your family but not plating it up for them.

It’s like doing your laundry but not hanging up the clothes afterwards.

There needs to be an element presentation because that is what completes the other half of your audience’s experience. 

Your work requires it, and not giving it to the proper presentation would be doing yourself and your work a disservice.

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