Making Space

Before all this happened, we were strapped for time. There was never enough negative space to do the things we wanted to do. There was never enough time to check up on the people we loved, never enough room to tend to the simpler aspects of our lives like eating real food, cleaning, and exercising. Now that it’s happened, time is all we have left. When it’s over, we’ll be looking for this type of space all over again. 

The space was made for you. You didn’t have a choice, but you’ll be missing the point if you don’t try to use it. 

Feeling Hungry

Creators often feel the desire to do more—to do bigger things, to be a little more ambitious, and take part in projects that get personal and are meaningful. Luckily, creativity is a renewable resource and the demand for it is almost always high (you’re in luck). What’s stopping you from feeding your metaphorical hunger for more?

On the flip side, if you let that drive starve, what happens? 

We all have goals and ambitions, but they have to be fed so that they can actualize, grow, and be sustained.

How do you feed yours? 

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The very fact that you’re reading this sentence means you’ve got a high-tech device in your hands, a decent internet connection that brings you access to the world, and a closed environment that’s relatively safe and comfortable. 

Are we lucky? 

There’s also a high chance that if you’re reading this, your parents are the ones who provided you the home you’re living in, the nice laptop you do your work on, or the phone where you get to keep connected with. 

The reality is that we’re an incredibly fortunate cluster of people with a great sense of creativity, of which we get to keep and use whenever we feel like it. 

Some will value creativity more than others, but your job is to use it liberally. 

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