Human Beings, Not Machines

Productivity hacks, ways to reduce inefficiencies, attempts to develop our own processes that do it all, just so we can produce work faster, easier, and cheaper. Machines already do all of these. Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of the human and what humans can offer to the table. 

We traded in things like personal emotional management for chances to make more money.

Self awareness for tireless labor. 

An appreciation for life in exchange for any way to keep the national GDP going. 

As a result, there comes a dire need for honest, emotional help. 

This is where you come in and offer what you can, from one human to another. 

Rather than do what the machine sets out to do, which is make things faster, easier, and cheaper, we can choose resilience, kindness, and connection.

Being Frothy

The froth always comes out on top. Those of us more competitive in nature want to be seen first, to be tasted on the initial sip, and want to be the part that holds the most pizzazz.

On the other side of the froth is the actual drink. Whether it be a cappuccino or a white chocolate mocha, the part that actually makes the drink is the espresso. 

So while we can collect gold dust, awards, and ribbons, it’s more important to be substantial in who we are and what we stand for.

You don’t have to be the shiniest, the frothiest, or the one that attracts the most eyes so long as you have the part that comes before the froth. 

Perfect and Good Enough

Who gets to decide whether or not your work is perfect? How do they know?

There’s no label telling us that “Anna has spent the past 3 hours editing and perfecting this sentence for you to read.”

And by the way, that’s 3 hours spent on the same piece of writing that doesn’t bring up any new points.

There is no certification for having the most perfect work.

There’s no way you can make it perfect. There’s no room for that type of work here. There’s no room for perfection if it doesn’t benefit anybody else except yourself. 

Perfect is a lie. It’s a scam. Perfect is going to rob you of your time when it matters the most.

The alternative is to experiment, to know that it might not work. 

I can’t be so sure to know that you’ll be able to resonate with this blog post, but I’m taking the chance to see if you will anyway. If it doesn’t, there will be another chance tomorrow.

It’s okay if it’s not perfect. Nobody asked you to make it so. Instead we can opt for combining all the raw ingredients that will make it good enough, figuring out the finishing touches as you deliver good enough again and again.

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