More Than One

The human experience is unique. From pains and struggles to dreams and aspirations, It’s the reason why we’ll be able to quickly understand some people while taking more time for others.

In a world so vast and ever shifting, listening amongst all other skills becomes the most important. Pretend for a moment that you’re not the only one that matters.

Our goal here is to create understanding and kindness. To do that, we can practice responding through the eyes of others. 

One Voice

What can my voice add? Where does my voice fit in? 

We’ve all heard it somewhere before, “There’s nothing you can say or do that would make a difference in the situation at hand, because you’re just one voice.”

In a world so big, does anyone need an extra voice at all? Specifically ours?

The answer is yes, and it has to start with knowing your voice matters to someone. 

In it For the Long Run

Don’t let this just be a moment in time, but something to keep in your time for as long as you’re here. 

To see things from the other side is more important today than ever.

And how?

It would be an absolute lie to say we fully understand their pains when we aren’t them, but it is possible to stand as a community and care about human dignity.

We can do better by taking a chance in the uncomfortable. We can’t possibly understand, but it is possible to hold more conversation, learn, and grow.

If we’re in it for the long run, we have plenty of room to do better.

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