What’s Important To You?

Doing important work is different from doing busy work. 

Important work is doing something you care about, something that you believe will do better, something that does not take one day, something that might not be glamorous and attractive to others. 

Doing important work has never been so needed, and it takes time to grow.  

Losing Clarity is Part of the Process Too

So many times we feel discouraged because somebody else’s opinions and critique can get to our heads. 

As creators, creatives, and kind souls, it’s almost too easy to take things personally. 

The hard part in receiving feedback (but also critically important) is accepting it. 

Understand that other people can see something in your work that you don’t, because it’s likely that there are more people out there who think the same thing. 

We don’t have to agree with them, but we should at least listen.

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