If You Could Do It

Say you could. Say that what you want is possible. What would the journey look like to get there? 

It’s fun to have grandiose ideas. We like to talk about our wants and what we think would make a better world. In fact, wanting a better world is the best starting step for it. 

And then we go back to where we started: what would the journey look like to get there? 

If you could do it, how would you?

Why Are We Waiting on Perfection?

Imagine having somebody else constantly erase your marks on the blank page because they didn’t think it was good enough. That person most of the time, is us. 

Perfection doesn’t get us anywhere. In fact, it will get us nowhere, because of all the backspacing that it involves. 

Resistance or Strength

Feeling overwhelmed is stressful, anxiety-inducing, and such a motivational killer. Spinning a multitude of plates anybody is not going to be easy. 

Why are we taking on so much more than we can handle?

Can we reframe this as: us constantly pushing back, resisting what should be? 

Or perhaps it’s: us growing new muscles to push further, move faster, and lift heavier. 

There’s beauty in not having a strict right answer, but instead allowing things to come and go as they are.

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