It’s A Drip Process

Some of us can produce work in explosive, all-at-once amounts. Unfortunately most of us don’t have this tremendous, rare talent. 

The alternative is to produce in smaller quantities. A process at a slower pace, with more consistency, and is do-able on a daily basis, drip by drip.  

It Takes Time

In a world where we talk about rapidly developing technology, economies that soar or plummet overnight, and the future of great goals that are so soon to actualized within the next decade, the reality is that we’re snails. 

Maybe, snails isn’t the right term. Maybe human would be a better fit. 

That’s right, we’re all human. 

That means, it can take us anywhere from 7 months or 7 years to realize what we’re doing is not good enough, not the right fit, not the best choice. 

7 months is a long time to do something, yet 7 months is probably the average amount of time it takes for us to develop some sort of shift in mentality. 

There’s no superhuman out there who moves at the pace we believe society moves at. 

Our reality is that we’re just human, and we’re slower than we think we are. 

Smallest Step Ahead

Feeling stuck doesn’t help with making progress. 

It’s much more helpful when you have a guide showing you where to go next, what’s left to do, how you’re going to do it. 

But, sometimes we’re not so lucky and we’re left on our own to our own devices. 

The only step left isn’t to wait for magic to happen, but to make the smallest step forward. 

It’s not possible or human to think that your big ideas will finalize within a week. Instead, what’s possible for you (and for most of us) is to take the smallest step ahead. 

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