Subtle Differences

We all use the same tools, like a pencil and paper, like Illustrator, like Photoshop, like Instagram, like our phones and computers.

The only difference is in how we use them.

The variable is subtle but it makes all the difference.

In a similar way, going to an arts school gives everybody access to the same education with the same environment. Why everybody is so different is because of how they see the world through their own experiences and lens.

And we can apply the same principle to our own lives. It doesn’t take a massive amount of effort and energy to make a shift closer to where we want to be.

To be Done by Midnight

There’s a time every morning I take to write, and it’s usually between 9am and 10am when I leave for work. 

Except not all of that time is dedicated to being focused due to natural human tendencies and modern day distractions. 

As time inches closer and closer to 10, the writing comes as if on cue.

Is it the lack of time doing the writing, or is it just me?

Whatever the case, I don’t think prolonging procrastination will get us anywhere if we have things we want to get to. The alternative is shorter, smaller, more consistent deadlines, because getting the work done again and again makes it count.

Speaking of which, that’s exactly what we do at The Habit Factory, except you won’t be doing it alone. Starting where you are, you get to build your practice with an online community of others and come face to face with the work we want to do. Whether that’s writing a book, drawing for fun, or making your own music,  it’s always a great time to start a meaningful habit. Find out more at (the early bird discount will be available until Friday midnight, so apply today if you’re looking to save some cash with the code BEGINNING).

Being in A Family Business

Working with family is good when the family is willing and open to communication. It’s not so good when there’s personal baggage, grudge, greed, ego, and authority involved in the process.

But it’s still worth it to say that when it’s good, it’s great. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When it’s bad, it feels like the rug has been pulled and we’re all falling into whatever lousy foundation we were standing on in the first place.

With where media sits with entrepreneurship, business, and founder culture as of late, it must be really great to be a business owner.

Except when reality plays out, it’s not all that dreamy and easy.

I’m not really sure where we’ll be in the future, but who’s to say for certain where we’ll be anyway?

At the end of it all, even without the business, we’ll still be family though sometimes even that’s hard to see when we’re so wrapped up in running the day to day operations together.

All of this is to say, I’m grateful for where my family’s hard work has been able to take us. Being part of our family business has been my 1 priority this pandemic, as it’s our main source of income keeping us afloat, and I’m glad it’s been a mostly constructive experience. Lastly, thank you to everyone who’s gone out of their way to support us. It means a lot and we really appreciate it.

Love and good vibes from our family to yours. 

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