No Original Ideas

The creative world is open source. Not in any fancy developer’s language way, but in a way where there are no self-made ideas.

Our ideas are taken from those who came before us, and if we’re lucky/talented/good enough then maybe somebody will take them from us too.

The Most You Can Do Is All You Can Do

The most you can do is all you can do.

Like pushups. If you can only do 3 good ones, there’s no use in doing 30 in bad form.

Or projects. If the deadline is in an hour, then the hour is all you have.

Can you make a 5 star meal with only 2 ingredients?

The most you can do is all you can do.

Of course things could have been different only if, but it wasn’t and thats why we can’t sit on the should have’s.

The alternative is to bump the ceiling for the most you can do. Build up muscle strength, negotiate for an extension, buy more ingredients. How might it be possible to do more? And if you could, would it be worth it?

Because if the most you can do is all that you can do, then finding our limitations that can be stretched might be a good use of our time.

Disruptive Forces

Like the schedule reminder you completely forgot about.

Or the email that took way longer to write than you initially thought.

Or a family member interrupting your Zoom meeting.

Disruptions happen, so it’s okay to feel as if you’ve been thrown off as that’s what disruptions are supposed to do.

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