People with Small Voices and What That Means

If you have a small voice like me, it means you’re a pretty quiet person on a regular basis. You’re not looking to make as much noise as possible, but you’re here to intentionally say something worth spreading that might make someone else’s day better.

You talk less, and ask more.

You’d rather listen before speaking.

You’re a voice of one, and you know all it takes is one voice to start something.

Who’s Saying What?

It’s important to differentiate who’s saying what.

“I don’t think people really want to see my designs” is your own voice showing doubt and a subtle excuse to hide.

“I like your work, because it makes me feel recognized” is the voice of somebody else who is a fan of what you do.

Finally, “It’s not good enough” is a selfish voice who keeps us from doing what we want. They’re the ones who believe their subjective opinion holds more weight than the importance of the broader message.

Know what the voices stand for, because so many times it’s our own selves who keep us from sharing our work.

And After All of This

Whether the goal may be designing products for the luxury footwear market, creating systems for environmental regeneration, or teaching 100,000 students how to become better designers, we’re bound to days where we feel like nothing is working.

As if there’s nothing new to say, and the maximal effort we can muster to show up is just for a few minutes a day.

If it was easy, everybody would do it.

The whole point of it is that it’s a challenge. And so we’ll be put through the provocations, the highs, and the lows all to be able to make it to the other side where we can say that it’s possible.

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