Settling In

As the world continues to move and change, it’s less and less helpful to believe that things should stay how they are for the sake of convenience. Of course it’s scary and unnatural to move away from how things are. 

We face a lot of resistance when things need to change. Much like when a client requests a specific design change, and we are reluctant to do it because we have a hunch it won’t be any good. Sometimes we’re wrong, and it takes a whole lot of energy to put our pride aside.

Luckily for some, the fear of being left behind is enough to kick it forward. 

And the others?

The others are comfortable sticking it out till the end until they are irrelevant and forgotten. 

If we’re adamant about delivering work that people care about, then we move with the world as it changes.

The Everyday Promise

The great thing about 50 years from now is that it continuously relies on who we are today, which is moldable and directable. The only promise we have to keep making is not to take cheap short cuts or fall into greed for shortsighted wins.

Shy Shell

Back when I was still deep into my own shell, I used to blame my parents or other authoritarian figures in my life for my lack of being socially comfortable, shy, and/or awkwardness. It was easy and passive to say, “Hey, it’s not my fault. I was raised like this.”

As I grew older, it became frustrating to have others speak on my behalf.

And so, when I finally began picking up the pieces to talk, I realized that there was nobody who would be able to represent me except for myself. It sounds plainly obvious, but I avoided it for years. There was nobody to blame for my social shortcomings except me.

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