Convocation Might Not Happen, And That’s Okay

Why is that? 

  • The obvious reason: the Coronavirus may still be in effect, prolonging our time of staying at home
  • The difference is in your head

  • Sure, one difference is having a certificate somewhere in your house to commemorate your years of learning inside an academic institution. 

    The other difference, one that’s arguably more important, is the difference that we can choose to make in our heads.

    Whether we graduate with a real ceremony (or not), we will still be the same person the day before and the day afterwards. Unless we make conscious efforts to actively grow, challenge, and commit to our craft, it doesn’t matter. 

    Graduation doesn’t change us—we change ourselves.

    The Show Doesn’t Wait

    Whether you feel unready, anxious, or unprepared, the show moves forward. 

    With or without you, the show moves on because it has other people to perform to, a limited number of tickets, and a limited number of seats. 

    This isn’t the show leaving you behind. The show is forcing you to make the choice of whether or not you want to join. 

    To take a step forward, or linger behind. 


    What does it mean to do the work you signed yourself up to do, every day, without fail, no matter how you’re feeling? We call it commitment. 

    Professionals are committed to what they do.

    Being an adult does not grant you professional status; You are not professional because you are an adult. Rather, you become a professional once you are able to take the hits, the punches, the blows, the good days, and then the bad ones. 

    Professionals serve an audience. They don’t just do it for themselves, but they do it for somebody else out there who needs them. 

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