Worried About How Others Will Think

It’s easy to stop ourselves from what we want to do due to being self-conscious about how we’ll look to others.

Should I sing out loud? Probably not, people will think it’s strange.

Will I look stupid if I call her name more than 3 times in a row if she doesn’t see me?

If I post this on Instagram, will it be cool enough and get more likes than the last time?

But finally, does it matter?

It’s silly, but it’s real and it doesn’t stop coming. So what’s left that we can do?

If it’s important enough to us, if it’ll make somebody else’s day better, if it’s something we’ve got to say, then ignoring the voice of resistance might bring more value than worrying about how we look from the outside.

Starting Over Again

Taking on a new job position. Starting a Youtube channel. Committing to a daily blog. Moving homes. Going freelance. Registering a new business. Diving into a new social circle.

Leaps are as exciting as they are nerve-racking.

Sometimes they’re our only way to stay afloat. 

The question of what’s next? allows us to keep moving forward when we’re feeling stuck. It’s also worth nothing that it’s always possible to start again when we really have to. We can turn over the page and begin again from zero at any time.

You Can Fire Your Clients Too

When 2 or more parties combine, we need teamwork. And when the outcome of the teamwork isn’t going as well as we hoped, we’re allowed to make the calls too. Meaning: if the client refuses to pay, doesn’t respect your craft, wants more from less, and/or has unrealistic expectations, then we have a choice to make.

Do we allow this behaviour haunt every desk and chair in the room? Or do we show a way out by saying to the client, “We’re not the ones you were looking for. Maybe you’ll find what you need elsewhere instead.”

In any case, here’s the bottom line: we can choose to spend time investing in relationships we believe matter, or unwillingly commit to just about everybody who comes our way. 

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