Help I Don’t Think It’s Good Enough

What does good enough mean? Who exactly are we trying to please? Where do our efforts matter most?

Throughout his career, Pablo Picasso produced around 50,000 pieces of work throughout his 92 year lifetime. That’s enough for 543.5 pieces of work per year. 

Yet sometimes we hold back from doing 1, because self-doubt says it’s not good enough.

If we’re trying to get to good, maybe it’s worth trying to bypass “not good enough” by finishing it anyways.

What To Do With Your Best Ideas

Let go of your best ideas, because they’re just that—ideas. Ideas are free, they weigh nothing, don’t cost much to produce, and usually don’t hold value until they’re realized.

It also comes down to how selfish you want to be with your ideas. Keeping them all to yourself as opposed to giving them all away. Who does the idea serve best? Where should it be living, if not in your notebook or your laptop?

Let go of your best ideas by doing something them.

And on that note my thesis project, Kinspeople, has been picked up by Jaywhy Kim who is a close colleague of mine. I think the idea of it would provide a lot more value if it were being built (even if for the most part not by me), rather than tucked away in a hard drive. Good news: Kinspeople is currently looking to take on new design clients, so please send Jaywhy and the Kinspeople team a message if you’re in need of design services for your business. 

I’m excited and looking forward to seeing what they’ll be up to. If you want to check them out, their website is currently underway and you can find them @kinspeople on Instagram, LinkedIn, or

Something in Everyone

We’ve all got things to worry over, things that make us tick, and things that we don’t want to admit.

Sometimes we forget that other people are allowed to have these things too.

And with that, it’s more than okay to flip the script from just ourselves into including other people and asking how we can help them forward.

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