How I Know Nobody Cares and That Should Be The Most Liberating Feeling In The World

Time and time again I’ve heard that we should try new things to keep us sharp/refreshed/informed/in with the times/what have you.

So I downloaded TikTok.

The reason why I know that nobody cares about how I feel and why that should be the most liberating feeling in the world is because I mustered up all the front-facing energy I could and started a food review series for my parent’s restaurant.

I uploaded it today, and it had 2 views.

All that energy, all that thinking, all that putting-off for nobody to notice.

For that reason I think I can do another episode next week.

If you want to see it, it’s @greatfountain on TikTok.

A UX Take on Your Mailbox

The mailbox is a place for personal and important news.

Flyers and ads? The sight of such things don’t make it past the front door but instead go straight into the paper bin where the others lie.

But a special package you were expecting from your favourite soap store? Now that’s something to bring home and be excited about.

So what wins? Maybe things we want to see, things we want to expect.

The type of mail we want to receive isn’t salesy, general, and as unthoughtful as the sender makes it out to be. What actually gets seen is the package we intentionally order, the messages from people we care about, or other things that bring delight instead of annoyance.


I don’t always wake up on time.

I don’t always get a chance to find my own focus.

I don’t always feel ready to carpe diem.

I don’t always have a great day.

I don’t always feel energized and motivated to do my work.

I know I’m not the only one in this, so my only hope with this piece is finding solace with others who feel this too.

The perfect day doesn’t exist.

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