Like Pencil and Paper

The medium and the platform. 

It doesn’t matter what we put on the piece of paper, because the paper and pencil don’t know what they’re being used for. There are no written rules of pencil and paper, just as long as the idea gets out (and even then, that’s not a requirement).

Like pencil and paper, the internet and social media has created another world for artists and creatives like us. 

And on the other end, it’s like how cavemen did mark-making except now we don’t have to risk our lives and walk miles to appreciate the marks of others.

So now in the safety of our homes we can enjoy the the given platform, which is the internet, while making our marks as modern day people.

Smaller (and smaller) Steps

we always begin with grand, striking ideas and proceed feel nothing but paralyzation when taking the first steps.

Stopped by fear, by perfection, and by a mysterious need to do it right.

Nobody said it needed to be done overnight, and yet that’s the invisible pressure we feel past day 17.

The only sustainable way forward is slow. It’s in small steps, tinier than what you might have in mind.


What would happen if it went away?

Who would miss it?

Or how about we fast forward 7 years, and realize it never started in the first place? We simply forgot, or never decided to take the time.

Would your world look any different?

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