Social Gravity

Looking over at the other table and wanting to order what they’ve got instead of what you already had in mind.

Secretly idolizing someone else at the gym and working out to be more like them.

Spending more time in the studio because that’s where everyone else gets their productive work done.

Social spaces give us checkpoints, and it says, “This is where other people like you are, maybe you should do what they’re doing too.”

Schools, malls, restaurants, recommendation lists, gyms, cafeterias, grocery stores, Instagram, FaceBook, and YouTube are spaces where forces of social anchoring kick in.

It’s a powerful, moving force and it happens everywhere.

The One-Size-Fits-All Scheme

You could wake up at the same time and eat the same breakfast every day, or you could let your waking hours be a little more sporadic and eat only on the occasion should you feel like it.

The perfect morning routine. Every Youtuber’s got one, and everybody’s got their own morning routine; There’s no one method that overtakes the rest.

So while we might be looking for shortcuts that fit everyone else, it might be more worthwhile to find what works for us instead. 

Sharing Work In A Group

What better way to experiment with your work and get valuable feedback than to share it in a space dedicated to beginning a creative practice?

You could create your own, and it only takes a few friends to get started.

Or you could join one and meet new people.

I’ve been working on a project for this exact purpose with my good friend Mikayla Koo, and it’s called the Habit Factory.

It’s fun, it’s playful, and it’s for creatives like us who are looking to take the next step forward.

I can’t share the website since it’s not ready yet, but I thought it would be too selfish to keep the news all to myself.

We’ll be sharing more information on it soon, so those of you who want to join us can be updated.

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