Shyness As A Way In

I used to use shyness as a way out of things growing up. It was easy because most people understood boundaries and shyness made a very effective social barrier.

I used it as a tool to say no.

I never made it into a reason to try; Less pain to continue as is rather than to change the parts.

I realize that since shyness is such a big part of my identity, it would also be okay to use it as a way to be more of myself.

To love it and embrace it, rather than to push it away and be someone I’m not.

All Our Ideas

We’re all prone to having ideas we think are good (up until they’re partially executed and we can safely say it seemed better in our heads).

Like a drawing that seemed to look a lot better mentally, or a recipe tweak we thought would turn out better than the last time but didn’t.

The best part is knowing it was worth a shot anyways. 


Senior titles usually account for authority, but not always leadership.

One gives us reason to listen, and the other makes us want to listen.

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