Other People’s Miseries

There are helpful words and hurtful words.

It’s the difference between, “I think you can do this better,” and “You’re stupid and can’t do anything right.”

We can’t do anything about the second one, but we can with the first.

Don’t mistake other people’s pains and miseries as advice to take forward.


Feeling like you’re too late always makes for a convenient excuse to hide.

The truth is, nothing happens when we’re late.

And, maybe this whole time thing is made up too.

As the days pass, time doesn’t get increasingly more aware of the pressures it puts on the people of the world. Time just is.

Us being late is the least of time’s worries.

Rather, us being late is something we decided on our own.

So before you lock yourself out, it’s worth crossing over to the other side even if it’s just for a short while (just to see if it’s really too late).

A Warp in Intention

it doesn’t matter what you say, if what’s being understood is different. As Paulo Coelho says it, people only hear what they want to hear.

Like a game of broken telephone, there’s lots of room for miscommunication the further we go down the line.

Your friend probably didn’t mean to hurt you. Your landlord probably didn’t mean to inflict so much trouble for your family. Your government authority only wanted to make things safer for everyone.

Things get lost as they travel. And with a widespread warp in intentions, we can offer compassion instead of putting up more walls to divide us.

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