I Have A Hunch

I think it might work, but it might not.

It has a chance of being wrong, but it might be right.

We don’t have the answers to everything, but if we’re not willing to test then we’ll never know.

Wait For It…

In this moment of suspense, we wait until we get the signal to go from someone else.

Like when we’re allowed to go home from a long day of work, or when it’s an appropriate time to start our part of the team’s project.

Throughout our lives we were told to wait for our turn, to let someone else decide when it was okay for us to go.

Sometimes for what we want, we can’t sit and wait for the green light because frankly nobody is going to hand it to us. 

If you’ve got something to say, if you’ve got something to share, it’s already your turn.

Which Voice?

Doing something you want versus doing something other people want you to do.

There’s a huge difference between the two, because one is selfish (and not in a bad way) and the other is selfless (but not necessarily in a good way).

What do you want?

The only way forward is to fall into longterm thinking and work backwards instead.

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