Don’t Do It All

Just because your voice isn’t the loudest doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place. 

In a world so cluttered and messy, perhaps it’s more worth it to be anonymous and consistent, rather than random. 

Banksy, rather than Irene Mathews (a made up name).

Focused instead than diluted. 

ko-ko-ya, instead of a one-artist-does-all. 

More importantly, to create instead of letting ideas mold away.

As Designers

Having the audacity to say that design is more than pretty graphics and logos (because it is), takes courage and understanding the role of art in culture. 

To employ consistency and invisibility in design takes a lot of constraint, because it’s rarely about you. 

At the same time, to say that design can play a role in changing someone else’s mind (because it can), needs someone who challenges it consistently.

Taking Breaks

We’ve all heard it before. When you feel exhausted, go take a break. 

It’s rare to see somebody work away all their waking hours and be happy. 

For most of us, we need to time recollect our energy through a different form. 

So be kind to yourself, and take a break when you need to.

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