The One Thing We Have Control Over

There’s a lot going on in the world. Nobody said that all of it was yours to take care of, and frankly that would be impossible anyways.

While the world still spins, the news still reports, and the internet continues to thrive off of the world’s genius, we can still sing and dance.

There’s a lot we can’t control, but at least we have ourselves.

Taking A Breath

We have to breathe. It’s a must. We can’t survive without doing it.

Yet throughout parts of our day, we don’t realize that we’re just holding our breaths in. 

Only when we reach the point of exhaustion, we take in a deep breath and exhale our stress and fatigue.

Don’t forget to breathe.

French Fry

The french fry, the deep fried delicious rectangular-in-form potato snack we all know, wasn’t always ready to eat.

Before it got to the french fry, it was just a seedling in the dirt. Nobody talks about that stage of the potato though, or what it needed to grow from seed to an actual potato.

And even then, the potato still hasn’t been processed, transported from the farm to the grocery store, or delivered to local restaurants yet.

We only see the golden side of the fry, and often forget all of the processes it went through to get there.

And as absurd as it sounds, french fries have a lot to do with creative work too.

There’s a process to making artwork or design work.

Oftentimes to get to where we want to be, we have to spend time as seedlings in the dirt first.

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