We talk about better habits like exercising more, drawing everyday, waking up earlier, eating cleaner foods, reading more, or spending less time with technology, but oftentimes making these lifestyle changes are hard and short-lived.

How to get something to stick?

The reality is that there’s no real and instant reward for changing your habits, and the commitment you’re thinking of making might not be as fun as you’re imagining.

Like all habits, good and bad, they start somewhere and have to be visited regularly in order to be called a habit.

So instead of picturing an ideal scenario with your imaginary life of good habits, start where you already are.

Visits to new habits don’t have to be perfect, just as long as they’re visited.

Will You?

Time is precious, we all know that. What we do with it and how we spend it is everything.

We can wait for another more better time to work on our portfolios, or to start that artist collective with our friends we’ve been talking about. There would probably be a more convenient time down the line in our lives to start a business, or a blog, or a podcast, or what have you. The question is, will you?

As grand and patient as time is, it’s also unforgiving and unstoppable. There are no exchanges or refunds when it comes to spending time. 

Of course, context matters a great deal, but if the only thing standing in the way is yourself then the answer to will you? is that you won’t. Not unless you take the leap to trust in yourself that you can.

Beware the Creative Thief

As designers and artists, we want to make pieces of work that we can call our own. Part of the excitement is being able to put our names beside our work and saying: I made this, and it’s here for you to see.

Some creatives worry about their ideas being stolen by someone bigger, badder, and bolder once their work gets posted publicly.

Others share regardless of the rampant idea-thievery that happens out of our control.

The point of living in a creative world is that ideas are free and for the taking, because ideas don’t carry value until they are realized (and to create value is why we became designers and artists).

Yet, giving yourself all the credit wouldn’t be fair to all those who helped you along the way, so this is why we give acknowledgements.

The point is that inspiration and ideas are everywhere, and they’re available for remixing as long as you’re willing to give something of value in return.

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