On Seeing Opportunity

Do you see it or do you not?

When it comes to opportunity, it’s a game of seeing versus not seeing because if you don’t see it or are blind to it, then you’ll miss it.

Catering Your Work

Two years ago, I was making little keychain things out of leather scraps I collected around the city. 

It was for fun, and I sold whatever I made online for $20 a piece. It wasn’t made so that it would be for everybody. Instead I was doing it for mostly myself, and also for anybody else who cared for environmental sustainability and creativity at the time.

Again, I knew that whatever I was doing wouldn’t be able to appeal to everybody (including my own parents, my brother, or my friends), and so I learned to listen selectively to those who the art was for. I was catering for a specific party of people.

It’s not too different from what we’re doing with the Habit Factory or with our family’s business at Great Fountain. The work is always catered towards a specific group of people who care about specific things. Everybody else is just background noise (or at least they should be).

This is all to say that we all make work for somebody. Cater your energy intentionally. 

What Designers Do On the Bad Days

Even on our worst days, the designer will still design.

It might not be her best work, but she’ll be committed to the art of it.

And so she trudges along the bad day doing the best she can, mostly because she knows that a designer who stops designing is no longer a designer. 

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