Is Gratitude Real?

If we’re thankful, do we really expect anything in return for what we do for somebody else?

And if we do, can we really call that grateful?

Living by gratitude is real, and the authenticity of it can’t be validated externally. 

Feeling Stretchy

It doesn’t pay well in the longterm to be rigid and unavailable for wrongness.

It’s like being stuck on DVD’s while the rest of the world is streaming.

Or being persistent on how the education system was before we required an obligatory massive turn towards the internet. 

Or being a restaurant who hasn’t yet given delivery a shot.

Leaving wiggle room to be wrong can let us stretch a little further, perhaps just enough to go beyond our current beliefs about the world.

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, Gone

It’s okay to wait for whatever you’re waiting for, so long as you’re aware of what’s being put on hold.

By waiting, we give up current chances for practice and to find better.

By delaying round 1, we don’t give ourselves any chances for round 2, 3, 15, or 45.

Putting things we care about on the back burner eventually comes back to taunt us.

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