Not The Loudest In The Call

It’s easy to make a whole bunch of noise in our calls and in our meetings. 

If we want attention, if we seek company, if we want the social connection of another friend, it’s okay to make noise. 

For everybody else, it’s a whole lot of distraction. 

This is not a post about video calling etiquette, but a post about sharing. 

This is a post about sharing information, insight, and giving it out to the rest of us who could benefit from knowing. 

You don’t have to be the loudest in the room to be able to give the most. 

“This is Not Ideal”

The accepted state for many people across the world today. 

Maybe it was “ideal” 3 weeks ago when you finished your website, or when your development team finally had a breakthrough, or when you were able to 

get out of your own rut. 

“Not ideal” presents a challenge for all of us. 

It’s not ideal that we’re all working from home and self isolating, but that’s the challenge we collectively have to face. 

“Not ideal” is okay when we’re all under the same roof, not striving for perfection, but doing things to the best of our abilities in our given circumstances.

When It’s Your Turn

We’re used to waiting, pausing, letting others go ahead of us. It was fine, because it seemed like the right, kind, courteous thing to do. 

While letting others go first can be an act of generosity, it can also be a method of hiding and excuse. 

When it’s finally our turn, it means it’s our chance to take a leap of faith in ourselves. With nobody else in front to show you the footing or the next steps, perhaps it’s your turn to be the guide.

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