Digital Awkwardness

If you think it’s too risky to socialize like we used to, you’re right. 

There’s no room to be thinking that we can live the way we used to. At least not right now.

We were used to creating social and emotional connection with each other in person, and now that latency and digital jitters are in the way, it makes human connection less natural.

What used to be socially responsible is now socially unacceptable, for now. 

So what’s the way forward? If we can’t connect with each other in person, limited by proximity and convenience, how can we connect with others in a world where many would be available at a moment’s notice, regardless of location and distance?

More importantly, how might we embrace the digital awkwardness and make it part of our social habit to keep repeating ourselves twice, to adjust our lighting, and triple check our internet connection?  

While still adjusting to online social interactions it’s important to not lose sight of what’s necessary, which is the human connection.

Self Judgement

Don’t put it out there, don’t put it out there, don’t do it, I warned you, don’t do it. They’re not going to like it one bit, they’re going to judge you and say all sorts of nasty mean things about you.

Well, you did it. 

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What They Believe

The point isn’t about the form, the colours, the logo, or the font choice. Not to downplay the role of designers, but what’s arguably more important is what your audience believes regardless of design choice. While the form, the colours, the logo, and the font choice can have influence, the designer doesn’t get to choose what the market believes (otherwise our jobs would be really easy). 

Is it their belief that Coke is better than Pepsi? 

Does Apple make the best phones? 

Does buying stationary from Muji help us take better notes?

And if they wear Nike sneakers, does their athletic performance improve? 

So now we get the privilege of having an attempt to help a specific group of people while doing what we do, which is design. 

What do your people believe in, and how can you serve them through their lens?

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