Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, Gone

It’s okay to wait for whatever you’re waiting for, so long as you’re aware of what’s being put on hold.

By waiting, we give up current chances for practice and to find better.

By delaying round 1, we don’t give ourselves any chances for round 2, 3, 15, or 45.

Putting things we care about on the back burner eventually comes back to taunt us.

Being an Artist

The thing about being an artist is that it can’t be snatched away.

More than a bunch of paintbrushes and a blank canvas, art is our humanity expressed and distilled.

The title of an artist isn’t reserved only for those who went to school for it. 

If you care enough to create something that matters to someone else, then you’ve made art.

Minimum Commitment

If we’re talking long term goals, the reality is slow, consistent, and repetitive.

It’s: what can you do today, and the next, even if it were just for 10 minutes?

What’s the minimum commitment possible so we avoid the burn from stretching ourselves too thin?

The minimum commitment makes sure what needs to be done still gets done, especially when we’re not feeling like it or when we find ourselves short on time.

It’s the sustainable way out of short sighted schemes to get rich or to seek notoriety. 

Defining the bare minimum makes the long term goal (whatever it is) possible.

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