An Offline World

There’s a feeling of being left behind when we’re seeing everybody else’s golden moments on Instagram, job titles on LinkedIn, or engagements on Facebook. 

As if we’re set out on a race competing for something we don’t even know about.

Even the greatest of all professionals, your heroes, your inspirations, have lives outside of their careers (it’s just offline).

Often, health is overlooked, diet is overlooked, or family is overlooked. 

Don’t forget there’s more to life than work.

First Place to Whom?

Banking on first place is tough. There’s only one spot, and the decision is completely out of your hands. The decision is based on somebody else’s opinion, based on their experiences, and based on what they see.

But this isn’t a post about how to get first place or to be the best at anything, because there’s so little we can do about it.

You don’t need to be the best, you don’t even need to be first, and you definitely don’t need to be liked by everybody.

Because every day we get the chance to measure something more worthwhile, valuable, and long-term than trying to be first place on somebody else’s list. 

A Doodle A Day Keeps Creative Block at Bay

I wish design school taught me that creativity was a muscle, that in order to make it stronger it would have to be trained every day. 

Just like how:

Athletes don’t get athlete’s block. 

Chefs don’t get chef’s block. 

And, nurses don’t get nurse’s block.

A daily visit to the worktable as a creative professional is all it takes to exercise creativity.

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