Who I Think I Am, and How I Think That Makes Me A Better Me

There are times when I don’t know what to say to others.

I get overwhelmed trying to balance the amount of things I need to and want to do.

I’m a sensitive person who needs verbal validation when times are good and when times get tough.

I care too much about things that don’t seem to matter, like the amount of fruit stickers that go to waste or going through all the questions in the math textbook.

I care too little about things that do matter, like politics probably or exact measurements.

I’m idealistic.

I’m optimistic.

I like being lighthearted.

I like being able to make things, and it makes me feel good when others happen to like them too.

Other people can form their own perception of me, but that doesn’t change anything.

Getting to know ourselves better is something that can’t be taken away.

Tying the Goal with Present Actions

Well what’s the goal?

If it’s to be a hockey player, there’s no way you can do that without pulling on a pair of skates and falling on the ice a couple of times a day.

If it’s to share your own music with the world, it’s worth a try to get comfortable with the tunes that don’t sound the best and to share them anyways.

The same goes for us.

Reverse engineering where we want to be through practical and realistic expectations might just work.

But we have to start giving it a try before we say it’s just not possible.

If you could take a step forward every day, where would you end up?

Is Gratitude Real?

If we’re thankful, do we really expect anything in return for what we do for somebody else?

And if we do, can we really call that grateful?

Living by gratitude is real, and the authenticity of it can’t be validated externally. 

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