Finding What’s Worth Talking About

We’ve all got something to say. 

Even if we feel like what we say doesn’t really matter, we still have something we want to share. Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether if it comes out rough, rugged around the edges, or through bits and fragments at a time.

Everybody has something to say, everybody has something they want to share.

And, if it makes it any easier, there are unlimited chances to get it right so it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time.

How to Get Better at Your Thing

There’s nothing more tried and true than practice.

The decision for commitment is easy. You either promise to stay the course for as long as it takes, or you don’t. 

Commitments don’t have to be perfect but the key is to arrive everyday, especially on the days when you feel under the weather or if you believe it’s not going to be a good day.

Rough is okay. Even terrible is okay. The commitment doesn’t care about quality.

A commitment is just you doing it again, and again, and again so that somewhere down the line you can look back and say it wasn’t luck, or it wasn’t smarts, nor was it talent; It was just a skill being practiced over a long period of time.

Do I Have to Share?

Ideas find their strength when implemented and shared widely.

We can take Austin Kleon’s book for example, Share Your Work. The entire book and its ideas would not matter at all if Austin chose to keep it to himself. If he chose to keep it away from the publishers, keep it away from his readers, then the creative community might be a different place today. He took a chance in allowing others in on his work and people happened to like it (a lot). So much that it would be difficult to go forward in your creative career without hearing someone else bring up the book’s title.

If we spend more time hiding our ideas and our work, we miss out on being able to help its intended audience.

Share your work if you have something worth saying, or a meaningful story to tell (because somebody else might need to hear it too).

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