It’s Laundry Day





Grocery shopping.

These are a few things that force us to become better designers. 

Even on days when you have to do laundry, you are a designer. It’s the same with cooking, taking a shower, cleaning your room, or going grocery shopping. Doing home chores and other essential living activities make us human and keep us grounded. 

Just because you’re not on the Adobe suite, doesn’t mean that you’re not at work digesting and fermenting everything going on in your head. 

Laundry days present to us a period of intermission where we can take our minds off of projects so that we can come back with more dots connected.

If you’re a designer, laundry days are mandatory because it keeps us sensitive to the needs of other people. It will be the reason why other people will resonate with your work.

Do the laundry, do the cooking, do the dusting, the cleaning, and the much needed pleasures of everyday life, because it’s an empathy exercise that helps us understand the pains and gains of simply living in a modern world, thus helping us become better designers. 

Terrified of People

What would they say? What would they think? Putting criticism and negative words in the mouths of others before they even speak will be sure to give you stress, so why do it? 

We constantly mispredict the emotional impact of things other people say, when the result afterwards usually boils down to: I’m better off having gone through this anyways. 

Absorb critique, befriend discomfort, and be empathetic to the situations of others so that you can continue doing what you set out to do. 

Alternate Versions

Your future self, what is she like on a good day? What is her posture like during a presentation? Is she more confident, bold, extroverted, well-spoken, energetic, curious, enthusiastic, or playful than the normal you?

When would you ask her for advice or an extra opinion?

We all have alternate versions of ourselves when put in different situations, all waiting to be channeled out when the appropriate time comes. 

What’s yours, and in which situations do you want her to take over? 

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