An Artist’s Mentality Towards Sharing Work

Hilariously enough, it doesn’t matter whether or not we’ve lined up all the pieces in the right order, if the font we chose is the perfect one, or even if printing CMYK turned out perfectly.

We don’t get to decide what’s good and what’s not when we share our work.

So we can fuss about the details and whether or not it’ll align with our “brand image” or Instagram layout, but the real decision makers aren’t us.

Better Relationships

How do we form better relationships?

It’s probably not as easy as a “just do it”, but it doesn’t have to be over the top difficult either.

Sometimes, a better relationship doesn’t have to wait on the other person to start. 

And it can start with something as plain as, “Thank you for being here.”

Still Shy

I still consider myself a shy person.

It’s no fun when you’re always reminded about how self-conscious you are and *what other people are going to think of it*, but that’s what shyness does to you.

So, who is shyness for?

I realize that shyness is a thing for the self. Kind of like a shield for when you want to get out of something you’re too embarrassed to do. Like asking that classmate to hang out, or making small talk at the cash register, or putting yourself in front of a camera.

Shyness is an effective blocking tool, as it stops us from doing the things we actually wish we could be doing.

It sucks because it doesn’t serve anybody. Not yourself, not the people you want to be talking with, not your friends, not your family. It’s a fear.

One alternative is to try whatever it is, and see what happens anyways. 

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