More Iteration

Adding onto yesterday’s story about iteration, I think the other part of why I instinctively dislike having to iterate is because the message I get is: try again, you lost, there’s an error, something’s wrong, it’s not good enough.

All of which is not great news for me, so yes. Cue the internal sigh as we do it another time.

Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like a step forward, but I know deep down that it is.


When Mikayla and I first started working on the website for The Habit Factory, it looked very different from where it is today. The colour scheme was way more overwhelming (saturated was the word), the text boxes were half filled in, and amongst it’s other problems we hadn’t even figured out the checkout page.

It took us 2 months to get it in shape for its first publishing, just so that we could get initial feedback on it from a few good friends.

Even after that, we realized it still needed a lot of work.

And so we were back on the iteration train once more, trying to figure out a website that would work for us, and wording that would be captivating yet concise. 

Finally, we decided to strip it down to its core elements and start again from there. That was the version of the website we used to round up our first cohort in October. 

Now in our second cohort, we decided to tweak the site once more to include some of the progress we’ve made when one could say it was already “done” to begin with.

You can check where it is now at 

Long story short, the beauty of iteration is that it we’re always in it. There’s no done. There is no perfect.

Putting the Running Shoes On

As soon as you’ve got your running shoes on, you might as well go outside the door.

And by the time you’re taking a few steps outside, you might as well go for a walk and circle back home later.

As you walk, you’re so close to doing it anyway that you might as well start lightly jogging, just until you’re a little bit tired.

And just like that you’ve tricked yourself into healthy physical activity, by simply doing the first step which is to put on your running shoes.

The first step isn’t jogging or running, it’s simply the act of putting on our shoes.

The smaller steps still matter.

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