Making the Problem More Than It Really Is

The real problem isn’t that the client or customer is being difficult with us, it’s that we don’t know how to help them manage their expectations with us.

In school, the problem isn’t that some of us aren’t made for math or science. More that the system tries to push and measure everyone in one standardized way and if you don’t ace the test standards, then it feels as if you aren’t made for the subject.

Finally, at home, it’s not about who didn’t clean the kitchen. Human dynamics, ego, and emotions are complex, and it makes the problem more than it actually is.

Assigning blame to the wrong place happens, and it helps if we can consider what the reality is and question whether there’s really a problem in the first place.

I Don’t Know

It’s possible that there are more things we don’t know than we do know. Yet, we spend a great deal of our lives feeling a need to be certain of where to go, how things will turn out, or when we’ll get there.

It’s possible we don’t know.

Even more possible that not knowing is part of it all, and all the uncertainty is okay too.

Restricted by Time

I’m really feeling it for this post, because this is piece #165 (meaning that I’ve written consecutively for 165 days).

It’s only been a handful of months but I can see myself finding my voice with each slow, painful, passing day.

I’m restricted by time, as in I can’t fast forward a year from now and write like as if I were on day 530.

I just have to write like I’m on day 165.

There’s no pretending, and there’s no shortcut.

In the greatest way possible, it’s fair because it’s self-generated and can’t be stolen. 

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