Buffer Time

Margins, white space, blank pages, cheat days, slack, whatever you want to call it. The extra space that acts as buffer time is important to take into account so that we don’t break. Making room for breathing so that you don’t crash and burn isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign of much needed health. 

Not Ready For It

There are going to be times when people expect to hear from you when you don’t feel like it (some may hear that as an excuse, but this is not really about that). Though it’s unnatural and coming from a space where your mind isn’t currently, we still have to deliver promises we choose to make. When the time comes, we have to perform.

This is about delivering promises even when the cherry hasn’t hit the top yet.

Doing things when you’re not ready is completely okay. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s okay if you’re not ready.

What’s more important is being able to deliver what you set out on, despite not being ready. This is different from being ill-prepared.

Not ready is when you have all your dishes cooked, but still learning how to plate it properly. 

Not ready is when you have your keynote good to go, but aren’t fully confident in its delivery. 

Life came before you were ready and will continue as you are unready. 

All we have to do is come as we are today.

Making Space

Before all this happened, we were strapped for time. There was never enough negative space to do the things we wanted to do. There was never enough time to check up on the people we loved, never enough room to tend to the simpler aspects of our lives like eating real food, cleaning, and exercising. Now that it’s happened, time is all we have left. When it’s over, we’ll be looking for this type of space all over again. 

The space was made for you. You didn’t have a choice, but you’ll be missing the point if you don’t try to use it. 

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