Only One Way to Learn Design

Reading or watching videos about design philosophy, graphic hierarchy, composition, or rendering software can only get you so far. Nothing beats the education you get from committing to the act of the design process. 

It doesn’t matter if you suck. We all start at that place. 

What matters more is letting the process and repetition do its magic.

The 56th time matters more than the 1st time.

Do design, do the work, and give it with the ones you made it for. 

“Nothing To Show”

There’s a huge difference between actually having nothing to show and being too modest about what you’ve been working on.

On one hand we have a slug, someone who’s uninterested in doing the work.

On the other side, someone cares so much that if it’s not up to standard, if it’s not perfect, then they refuse to show it to anyone. 

The point of showing your work is to help someone on the other side of the screen, even when it’s not good enough. 

Although it’s a work in progress (as many things are), you’ve got something to show, and you could help somebody else see something through a different light.

Everyone Else is _______, and I am ________.

The sentence itself is rooted in self-comparison. 

When we feel behind, we have to ask, “Relative to what?”

We tend to forget all the other aspects of our lives when we start looking at others to see where we “should” be.

Sarah landed her dream client as a graphic designer, but she lives with a partner who doesn’t treat her kindly.

Janice just got hired at a Fortune 500 tech company, and her twin brother got into a freak accident 2 days ago.

Daniel made a boatload of money through his work as an entrepreneur, and he has troubles falling asleep at night.

The reality we face is that we live in an edited world. All the raw footage and unfiltered emotion doesn’t make the cut to our social media (the main medium we use as the world is in lockdown).

Everyone else is trying to find their own place, and we are too. 

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