When in doubt, do it anyways.

When being doubted, even more reason to try.

And a side note, using our doubts to test personal hypotheses and thoughts can be the best way out of a rut.

It’s the reason why I’m trying to share more of myself in these posts.

We can doubt all we want (it’s free and limitless), but there’s only one way to find out the truth.

The Hiding Problem

A few years ago, you could find me doodling or writing in some page of my notebooks, except you wouldn’t be able to find any of it shared. I didn’t think it was any good, and I was even too embarrassed to share it with friends and family.

There was a part of me that was in fear I would be judged for expressing myself more than I usually did.

So I kept to myself.

I was prone to hiding.

It wasn’t until earlier this year when I started to go against my gut instinct to keep everything a secret.

I started sharing my fashion illustration work bit by bit at first, and then a pause. Friends were enjoying it and giving support, but again, I was unsure if this was what I wanted to do. Why would anyone care (and at the same time, do they have to care)? More importantly, why did I care?

Coming face to face with my hiding problem once again, I quickly grew tired of wanting things to be perfect before anyone saw it. I grew tired of “aesthetic feeds”. I wanted to talk about things that mattered to me, not just share pretty pictures.

And so now I do just that.

I’m overly certain that there are a lot more fittings and changes to go through, but I’m also overly relieved that what seemed to be a great personal ordeal is now addressed.

From Not Doing It To Doing It Every Day

Three types of creative commitments: 

1. Not doing it at all. The type where we wait for the moment to force us to sit down so that we can finally get to the work we want to do, only the moment never really arises.

2. Doing it sometimes. Only when we believe it’s going to be a cool piece of work. It’s casual, like a phase, and then it’s gone again.

3. Doing it every day. This is the type where we get serious. This is a commitment we’re willing to make so that we can be better, more intentional creatives.

There are no options that are better than the other, just different.

With that said, if you’re a writer, an illustrator, or a designer, the Habit Factory is beginning it’s very first cohort this Monday, October 19th and there’s 5 more days left to sign up. If you’re ready to commit to the third type of commitment, I hope you check out our website at

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