How To Express Oneself

When you’re somebody who is quiet, expressing yourself might be one of the hardest challenges you’ll face. But by knowing how to effectively express our hopes, dreams, and goals, we can not only learn more about ourselves, but spread our message further too.

On that note, this post will be more practical. Here are 3 small changes somebody looking to amplify her voice can commit to once a day:

1. Create a small 7 day challenge. This one’s just for you. This could be a drawing a day. or learnt lesson a day. This is just one week of commitment, and the rules are up to you! You’ll have to share it with someone though

2. Write out your goals on a daily basis. This one might be tedious, but it helps clarify what you want for yourself (a key factor to good self-expression)

3. Talk with 3 friends. All you need is repetition and solidification for your thoughts and ideas to a few people, and ask for help where you need it—“Hey I need somebody to look over my portfolio, do you mind if I ask for your help and input?”

Small steps is what we love taking, because we know that it will amount to something larger in the long term.

We’re masters at the small steps because that’s what we’ve built our lives around. We can own it and make it one of our strongest assets.

Being Enormously Small

The people who really care about what you create can only be counted on one hand, but what if those people could help you spread what you do?

You might have only had a year’s worth of work experience on your belt, but what if you could ask for help from people who know more than you do? 

Sure your voice might not be able to easily reach the other side of the meeting room, mine doesn’t either.  

We live in a big world that also has enough space for trial and error when it comes to finding different ways to amplify our messages (even without needing to shout across the room).

It’s Not Who You Know

We can attend all the best schools, with the best peers, catch the best opportunities, and seem like we’ve got it all going for us because of how well-known our external connections are. 


We can attend our regular college, with our everyday peers, catch good opportunities, and have a fulfilling day-to-day life because of how concentrated we are on helping our friends grow. 

We all have the potential for growth, and it doesn’t take an Ivey League education and mountains of money to tap into it—we can do helpful things to grow ourselves with what we’ve already got.

What is it you’re doing to help your own circles?

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