How Much Do You Want to Be Heard?

Having a small voice mean you can choose to be heard or not. We have choice over how much we want to be exposed and heard, because of the many platforms on the internet. 

By amplifying our volume, we can produce and distribute content en masse. Podcasts, blogs, videos, poems, classes, events, networking, products, a movement, post-it-notes. 

Our presence depends on how many places we leave pieces of ourselves. 

Self-Judgement is For The Sidelines

It’s so easy to stop ourselves from doing what we want because we judge ourselves so fast. 

We start judging ourselves the second we want to do something out of the ordinary. 

It’s too weird. It won’t work. Will others like it? I don’t want to be judged.

Let me put this another way: How do you know when the temperature of your shower is ready?

You don’t go all in, but you test it.

There’s no better way to put your self-judgement to the side than to try it out.

Prove yourself wrong and let others know that it’s good to be wrong too. 

By putting your own judgement on the sidelines, you can play, pilot, and have fun.

Making Connections For The Quiet and Timid

You’re a wallflower, I’m a wallflower. Let’s talk at the networking party together. 

It’s okay to feel uncomfortable forming new connections—thousands of others feel uncomfortable in the same situations too. You’re not alone! 

Here are some easy things to say when we have to warm up to strangers in a room. It’s always better (and more comfortable) to hear them talk first. 

  • What brings you here? 
  • What do you do? 
  • Tell me more, please! 
  • Let’s keep in touch?
  • These 4-worded phrases will be your key to open up countless diverse and rich conversations to each new relationship.

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