It’s Not Who You Know

We can attend all the best schools, with the best peers, catch the best opportunities, and seem like we’ve got it all going for us because of how well-known our external connections are. 


We can attend our regular college, with our everyday peers, catch good opportunities, and have a fulfilling day-to-day life because of how concentrated we are on helping our friends grow. 

We all have the potential for growth, and it doesn’t take an Ivey League education and mountains of money to tap into it—we can do helpful things to grow ourselves with what we’ve already got.

What is it you’re doing to help your own circles?

We Need Some Help

The whole point of this series of notes is to help those who have small voices, who grew up a bit shy like myself, and have goals to be better at what they do. These are notes of encouragement, stories, and manifestations of my observations of being around people who also have small voices. 

I hope this is able to help you take one step further into what it is that you seek out to do. 

If it does, please share the section that helps you the most with somebody else (perhaps also with a small voice). We all need each other to share our perspectives to the world. 

On Being Ourselves

Growing up, it was difficult to fully immerse myself in experiences sometimes because I was worried of what others would think of me. I was always concerned with others’ opinions of who I was, and doing that left no time for myself to define who I actually was. 

Fast forward some years, I met people who didn’t feel like the usual crowd I choose to spend time with. They were kind, sincere, and loved adventure (me? adventurous? no way right?). 

These were friends who believed in living fully, genuinely, and together. They knew I was shy, but that didn’t stop them from dragging me out from my room. They extended their adventurous invitations to me constantly, and all I needed to do was say yes, yes, and yes. By doing so, I was introduced to a new facet of the world, and learned more about being a myself.

The point of these notes is to further extend the invitation onto you. 

Will you join in and share a piece of yourself to the people around you? It can be small (or even tiny). We need more small voices in the room because I think more people would like to get to know you.

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