The Invisible Forces Against Us

Not every day we’re so lucky to have an invisible wave of energy and motivation to design new things.

In fact, 98% of my days aren’t like that.

Or maybe I’m just not lucky enough to be naturally born that way. 

Whatever the case, I’m convinced that motivation and practice aren’t tied together. 

As basketball players don’t just play basketball when they feel like it, artists shouldn’t just make art when they feel like it. 

It’s not about when inspiration hits, it’s about consistency.


It’s inevitable that time will pass, and tomorrow will come.

Also inevitable that we’ll be doing more or less the same things we’re doing today, which is consume media through technology.

It’s been this way for years, and the lifelong challenge is our relationship with inevitability.

Between the stuff we can’t control and what’s left that we can, how do we hold ourselves up? Where do we put in time for emotional connection and community? How do we act when the cards are stacked up against us?

It’s inevitable that things won’t always go our way, but bending our rules or tweaking our beliefs as culture changes can make the relationship with inevitability a lot easier.

Half Finished Sentences

If I never started wri…

You already know where that sentence is going.

If all I had were incomplete sentences and half words, I’d have nothing to deliver. Just blank, empty space.

Luckily as people, as artists, we’re here to fill up blank, empty spaces with our art.

It doesn’t have to be trendy, it doesn’t have to be the newest, hottest thing in town.

It just has to be done.

Finish your sentences, fill in the blanks, and spread your art (especially when it’s not perfect).

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