The Difference Between Yesterday and Today

What’s the difference between yesterday and today? Most of the time, the answer is not much.

And, if we choose to answer with not much on a daily basis, we won’t get very far. 

Every day we get the chance to do something different, something that can be new to us and change our lives. It’s a fresh start every time, and today we can choose to do something we love and care about. 

What’s your difference between yesterday and today? 

Make Your Firsts

We need to be making firsts. Firsts as in trying new ideas, strategies, activities, tasks. In a world where everything feels too big to tackle, we accomplish by creating firsts. 

Our first LinkedIn post. Our first TikTok video. Our first blog post. Our first mass email. Our first online shop. Our first self-published book. Our first art show. 

Firsts are never great, but they’re always the best way to start. 

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