The Season for Gratitude

To my inspirations: Thank you for all the work that you do. 

To my friends: Thank you for always sharing a good laugh with me. 

To my family: Thank you for your relentless support in my upbringing and my growth.

To my teammates: Thank you for the amazing collaboration and hours we’ve relentlessly worked through. 

Being human comes with a ton of people to be thankful for. 

Thank them when you can.

Regardless of the Result

If you care enough about what you do because you love why you do it, then you should do it regardless of the result you get. 

Results are the objective, and whether it succeeded or failed, it doesn’t matter. 

When everything is taken into consideration for your progress in your career or life, the day-by-day results do not come close to what you get at the very end. 

The Hard Work

It’s so easy to get caught up in things that don’t add up to anything meaningful to our own lives. It’s so easy to do stuff we don’t want to be doing, with other people who also don’t want to be doing what they’re doing. It sounds something like: 

I’m so tired of this. 

I only stay because of the people here. 

At least I get paid a lot. 

Is it time to leave yet? 

There’s nothing wrong with feeling any of these things. So many others live perfectly fine this way. 

Instead, the main message I want to get across is that doing something purposeful is hard. 

It’s hard to get others to care about what you care about, because it takes a long time.

Purposeful work takes patience and hard work. If you’re doing something right now that you care about deeply, I hope you keep pushing forward. 

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